We provide quality transportation to e.g. Trieste, Slovenian Coast, Istria, Ljubljana, Postojna, Bled and to the airports of Ljubljana, Trieste, Treviso, Venezia...

We cooperate with the Taxi Transfer company.

Taxi Sežana is able to meet your needs and expectations. We provide a quality service experience when traveling with us. Transport within the city of Sežana for 5 euro (this tariff is valid only during the day).

Need transportation to get to a business meeting, lunch or other business function? Taxi Sežana will provide you with reliable, efficient and convenient transportation.

Come in style, on time and relaxed. Call +386 70 11 01 21 or write us at info@taxisezana.eu.

Taxi Sežana

  • Transports to accommodations and events

    Taxi Sežana strives to keep customers satisfied. Taxi ride to hotel, sport events, conferences, tourist attractions, shopping centers and other interesting places.
  • Transports to anywhere

    Taxi Sežana is your best choice for taxi services - both for locals and visitors. We offer unbeatable prices and exceptional service. A child car seat is also available.
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  • Transportation to airport

    Taxi Sežana provides transports to airports (Ronchi/Trieste, Brnik/Ljubljana, Marco Polo/Venezia, Treviso...).
  • Custom transports

    Taxi Sežana also provides you with a private driver and vehicle, that meets your transportation requirements. This is an excellent option for both business travelers and tourists.